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    Festerval Night 2
    Dead Kennedys, the Dwarves, The Shrine, Diarrhea Planet, Dirty Fences, Fashionism, Sore Points

    The first annual Festerval continues with night 2 at the Rickshaw featuring Dead Kennedys and more.

    Dead Kennedys
    Dead Kennedys were one of the most popular and important American hardcore punk bands of the late 70s/early 80s. Formed in San Francisco in 1978, they were among the first American hardcore bands to make a significant impact in the United Kingdom.

    Dead Kennedys' lyrics were usually political in nature, satirizing establishment political figures (both liberal and conservative) and authority in general, as well as popular culture and even the punk movement itself. During their initial incarnation between 1978 and 1986, they attracted considerable controversy for their provocative lyrics and artwork. Several stores refused to stock their recordings, provoking debate about censorship in rock music; in the mid 1980s, vocalist and primary lyricist Jello Biafra became an active campaigner against the Parents Music Resource Center. This culminated in an obscenity trial between 1985 and 1986, which resulted in a hung jury.

    The group released a total of four studio albums and one EP before disbanding in 1986. Following the band's dissolution, Biafra continued to collaborate and record with other artists including D.O.A., NoMeansNo and his own bands Lard and the Guantanamo School of Medicine, as well as releasing several spoken word performances.


    The Dwarves
    The Dwarves are an American punk rock band formed in Chicago, Illinois, as the Suburban Nightmare, in the mid-1980s. They are currently based in San Francisco, California. Formed as a garage punk band, their career subsequently saw them move in a hardcore direction before settling into an eclectic punk rock sound emphasizing intentionally shocking lyrics. They have been described as "one of the last true bastions of punk rock ideology in the contemporary musical age."


    The Shrine

    Diarrhea Planet
    The gravitational pull of Diarrhea Planet is strong; once you get caught in the orbit of its stadium-sized riffs and blistering solos, it’s hard to escape. The Nashville six-piece has been melting faces since its debut 7” Aloha first started making waves outside the leafy campus of Belmont University, where its members first met. What started as a dorm room dick joke between two friends bored by the music-business ladder-climbing of their classmates has grown into one of the biggest—and loudest—rock acts to come out of Nashville since their big bros and labelmates in JEFF The Brotherhood. As they toured the country behind their critically acclaimed 2013 LP I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, the likes of Billboard, Rolling Stone, SPIN, and even BuzzFeed have taken notice. Ignore them at your own peril.


    Dirty Fences
    Dirty Fences from New York City sling ‘70s street-level punk rock & roll. Tommy Ramone beat. Harmonies. Tons of vocals. From fast slasher power pop tunes to country ballads to Eddie Cochran style parents­just­dont­understand sex rock and roll, they know their stuff and have a lot of fun with it.


    Vancouver's glam-punk upstarts! Featuring members of Tranzmitors, The Jolts, New Town Animals, and a whole bunch more.
    Sore Points
    Three-piece punk band from Vancouver.
empty Festerval Night 2: Dead Kennedys, the Dwarves, The Shrine, Diarrhea Planet, Dirty Fences, Fashionism, Sore Points
November 10th
Modified Ghost presents
Festerval Night 2: Dead Kennedys, the Dwarves, The Shrine, Diarrhea Planet, Dirty Fences, Fashionism, Sore Points

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